• Qorecade: Qore Quest

    Qorecade: Qore Quest

    Go on a daring adventure into the icy mountains of Altway to find your lover whom was in search for an ancient relic called the Elixir of the Nerevarine.

    Download and play for free now. Click either here, or the image below.

  • Killacai 3D Prototype Released!

    Killacai 3D Prototype Released!

    K3D is a remake of the original fast-paced arcade shooter K3.  Retrospective gameplay and graphics of the 5th generation (of which you can switch between presets via the main menu), with gameplay mechanics synonymous with Star Fox: Assault. Game difficulty are unlocked each time you complete the game via the New game ranking system, with secret stages to unravel at higher difficulties beyond Normal, as well as extras and a series of special-ops missions if you reach max NGR (new game rank).

    To learn more about the game, visit the guide here.

    Instructions for Expo Demo:

    • Controls are in-game.
    • Supports 2 players.
    • Shoot at a setting element to change it.
    • Press Escape, P, or Alt+F4 to exit game.


    One More Thing…

    We have uploaded the original game (the top-down classic version) to Indie Expo and we’re on a time limit so please download, play, and rate the game on the site. From the time of the publication of this article, we have only 12 days remaining and so far, only two persons have played the game.

  • Qore Comics #3 – The Devs #1

    Qore Comics #3 – The Devs #1
  • Qorena Released out of Early Access!

    Qorena Released out of Early Access!

    After 4 years, Qorena has finally been released! We had to make concessions.
    – Moving mod support to post-release.
    – Voice chat is not supported by UE4 anymore, so we scrapped the idea.



    Improved Spectator Menu

    Players can now access spectator mode at the pause menu. This will undeploy the player. If you wish to join the fray again, click Play on the spectator panel. Assuming “Allow Late Join” is enabled in settings, the player will deploy instantly, otherwise they will be deployed in the next peacetime interval.

    Map Cycle List

    You can now add levels into the map cycle list. This list will also be used to switch to a new map from the Spectator Menu, so add the ones you wish to switch between in your server.


    The game now features sequential music, relative to certain levels.

    Config Presets

    You can find this in the game’s installation directory >> Config >> Presets.
    Make a backup, adjust your parameters, and update configurations in your App Data directory. Instructions are in the presets folder.


    Mod Support

    This was originally planned in this release, however that proved to be too ambitious to work on, especially when we are still not convinced enough players will care for the game enough to justify it, so we moved it to post-release. We will only work on it, if and when we can see reasonable player activity in the game. A good (but not the sole) indicator for us is if the game unlocks the ability to use trading cards.



    A LOT has changed since the overhaul. You will have to reinstall your game for the latest changes to take effect. The new installation folder changed from “Maze Qore Arena” to “Qorena”. Mannequin saves may also break so be sure to back those up before you uninstall and reinstall.

    That is all. Hope you all enjoy playing this game.

  • Qore Comics #2 – Void Burger #2

    Qore Comics #2 – Void Burger #2
  • Qore Comics #1 – Void Burger #1

    Qore Comics #1 – Void Burger #1

    The first issue of Qore Comics has now been released! Enjoy!

  • Qorena Playtest Postponed

    Economic matters have struck critically for us, making it difficult for us to continue hosting the weekly playtests and compensate users for it. To make matters worse, we’re stuck trying to solve a critical bug with Unreal Engine 4 and Steamworks, preventing connections from working properly on the server browser. We cannot continue playtesting let alone release the game until this is solved.

    Official Qorena Playtesting has been postponed until further notice.

  • Weekly Qorena Playtest

    Weekly Qorena Playtest


    Qorena has left early access. This event is now over. Everything below this point is outdated and useless.

    Qorena (formerly known as Maze Qore Arena) has received a massive overhaul last month through Foresight – our playtest program for Qore World titles, from the old competitive arena shooter (still playable on the main build if you so wish), to a new cooperative survival arena shooter, and we need YOUR help testing it.

    The playtest is open to anyone willing to test the game and send us feedback afterwards, or is simply wishing to try it for their own leisure (that is fine too).


    To join, just head to the game’s Steam page and smack that “Request Access” button below the “Play Game” button.

    1. Install and play the game. Look for “Qorena – Foresight“.
    2. Create a mannequin if you have not yet done so by heading to Extras > Mods > Customizer. Don’t for get to save your mannequin before leaving the Customizer.
    3. Go to Multiplayer > Join Game > Server Browser.
    4. Find a server named “Official Qorena Test Server“, select it, and click the “Join Game” button.
    5. After the playtest, join the official Néotl Empire Discord server if you have not already done so. Ensure that you !register in the “citizen-registry” channel for it is required to access the rest of the server.
    6. Find and select the “support-and-feedback” channel.
    7. There are two ways you can do this:

      a). You can create a notepad text file (TXT) or Word document, type your test analysis, and upload it to this channel.

      b). You can post a document link to your analysis (ideally Google Drive).

    For those of you who just want to play the game for fun, feel free to host your own server for your friends to join! We encourage it! Let us know how it went in the “gaming” channel if you want.

    Want to stream our game? That is welcomed as well! Post your livestream in the “streaming” channel whenever you’re going live.

    We will be hosting these playtests every Saturday at 2PM Eastern, so if you miss this Saturday’s playtest, there will be more happening until Version 1.0 releases. At the time of this article, Version 0.8.3 is active.

    We hope you will enjoy playing Qorena Foresight!

  • Qorena Foresight – Version 0.8 OVERHAUL Update

    Qorena Foresight – Version 0.8 OVERHAUL Update

    After several months, the game overhaul is finally here and better than ever! Transitioning from competitive multiplayer matches to full cooperative arena survival.


    • Both bots and NPCs are drastically improved, being able to target on sight and even stop shooting after their targets are dead and move on to finding the next one!
    • Music has been added to the game. Albeit the scores here are temporary and do not reflect the final iteration by the end of this early access time period, they are really valiant and inspiring to listen to! They are also necessary for wave and game states – Peacetime, Wartime, and Boss Battle. They will soon be released in time for the final release with more thematic music directly composed by us.
    • Grenade ammo max capacity has been removed, allowing for infinite carry. This is necessary for this new PvE gameplay path.
    • Video settings have been updated to allow for switching the renderer in-game. You must restart the game for the renderer switch to take effect.
    • Customizer introduced! Now you can create your own mannequin and use it for online and offline matches! You can find the editor in the Extra settings of the main menu. You can load your mannequin in the Game settings.


    • Inventory Upgrade Capsules: Similar to health and armor upgrade capsules and how they increase your max HP and AP respectively, the inventory upgrade will overhaul your inventory arsenal by one upgrade level. Maximum is 3 levels. By default you are at IL1 (Inventory Level 1).

      For instance, at level 2, your pistol fires and damages faster; level 3 your pistol fires a cluster of bullets per interval.

      Each weapon upgrade will drastically effect the weapon’s abilities, allowing you to withstand even the strongest enemies and bosses, even on higher difficulty levels.
    • Three new maps.

    It is very important that you reinstall Qorena Foresight (formerly Maze Qore Arena Foresight) for the correct folder paths to be installed and saving to work properly.

    Also best to backup any save data from the original Maze Qore Arena if you still wish to use it for the competitive multiplayer version from the base game for it may conflict by overriding the settings data with the one from from Foresight.

    You can find this in: 

    C:\Users\[Your Computer Name]\AppData\Local\MQA


    Visit the game’s Steam page, search for this button, and click.

    We look forward to testing with you in this latest Qore World: Foresight programmé.

    Click on this lovely prisoner to access Qore World: Foresight and playtest the new update!

    Go on, I know you want to.
  • Introducing the Qorecade

    Introducing the Qorecade

    Last month, we have released our first game for the Qorecade: a series of browser and arcade games for your quick and satisfying leisure!

    Click the image below to download and play K3 today. 8 levels of action-packed arcade shooting classic fun!